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Bravery behind Bryony Gordon’s royal reflections

May 2nd, 2017 by

Every credit to the Telegraph writer for talking about her mental struggles – and, on the subject of struggles, it will be fascinating to see if a former MP, with no experience of journalism, is up to editing the Evening Standard

Bryony Gordon made only the most modest claims in her reflective Telegraph piece about that chat with Prince Harry. “I think this interview is special, not because it’s a scoop or an exclusive. I don’t think this interview is special because I happened to do it. I think it is special because, in Britain, we don’t talk about our feelings. We have bitten our lips, slapped on rictus grins, kept buggering on.

“It has always been a sign of strength and dignity to keep it all inside, and our royal family have always been the embodiment of that, God bless them. But Prince Harry just redefined strength and dignity for a new generation.”

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