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Can I ask my depressed girlfriend to move out?

May 2nd, 2015 by

I have persuaded her to seek medical help but nothing seems to work, and our sex life has dwindled to nothing

I’ve been with my girlfriend for three years – she is in her 30s, I am in my early 40s. After six months of dating, she moved in. Within the next few months it was clear she was depressed – and had been all through her teens and her 20s. I have persuaded her to see doctors and therapists, but nothing seems to be helping. Along with this our sex life has diminished, with no sexual contact for six months. I can’t see any end in sight and feel as if I am going to be trapped in a sexless relationship. Is it awful to think about ending this relationship – and having to ask her to leave – while she is depressed?

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