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Can Nike’s two-hour marathon quest learn from Roger Bannister?

Feb 2nd, 2017 by

The first four-minute mile man was a runner-scientist, who made changes to the track and his shoes to achieve the feat. But the various two-hour marathon projects are doing their research in the lab and applying it to runners

When Ed Caesar, author of Two Hours, The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon, wrote in Wired magazine that Nike’s new project to crack the time will be “the most significant moment for running since Roger Bannister’s first sub-four-minute mile in 1954”, my initial reaction was that it could not match the romance of Bannister’s record. Imagine if the biggest sportswear firm in the 1940s had created a downhill mile race won in 3:59. That celebrated image of Bannister falling exhausted and Christ-like into the arms of onlookers would surely not have the fame it does today.

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