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Can urban greenspace have on an effect on children’s behaviour?

Nov 2nd, 2016 by

In increasingly urbanised environments, there’s some evidence to suggest that dedicated greenspace might have a beneficial impact on childhood aggression and depression

Marianito sat in the clinic office looking downcast. He’d been referred to me in the primary care clinic because of fights at school. Despite complaints from the school about aggression, to me, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, he presented as a soft spoken and quiet 12-year-old of Salvadorean parents. After telling me a little about his favorite video games, he told me that some of the kids at school “have been messing with me” because “I’m fat and I smell.”

Marianito was morbidly obese, and to make matters worse for a twelve-year-old, he had a condition called encoporesis, in which he would have bowel movements without warning at school, leading to bad smells and social humiliation.

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