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Clarkson is a dinosaur – so why do I feel sad about his Top Gear extinction? | Gaby Hinsliff

Apr 2nd, 2015 by

For all Clarkson’s flaws, his show captured the haplessness of middle-aged men adrift in a changing universe

So bang goes one of the biggest names in showbusiness: his reputation in tatters, his personal life seemingly in disarray. Even the hordes of adoring fans couldn’t save him from the consequences of what, according to the BBC’s version of events, seems to have been a relatively brief moment of madness.

But enough about Zayn Malik, who has quit One Direction after being photographed in a Thai nightclub in overly close proximity to a “young woman who was not his fiancee”, as Radio 4 primly put it. As some of you might have noticed, Jeremy Clarkson got dropped this week too, and it interests me that so many people sympathise with one imploded career and not with the other.

What the bellowing Clarksons and the fragile Zayns have in common is being at an oddly vulnerable age

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