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Detroit tackles suicide taboos head on

Mar 2nd, 2015 by

Innovative depression screening is helping reduce suicide rates in the US city, providing inspiration for mental health services around the world

For Dr Doree Ann Espiritu, asking troubled souls about suicidal intent is always a delicate moment. “There’s always a fear that if you ask about suicide, you are giving them [the patients] an idea about what they can do,” the Detroit-based psychiatrist says. “Almost giving them a hint about what they might do.

“If you are not used to this type of work, it is something that you dread as a psychiatrist,” Espiritu says. “Either you have already had one, or you will have one. It is [seen as] something that is unavoidable.”

It’s about establishing a blame-free environment

In poor communities, people who suffer from those mental health disorders often go undiagnosed

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