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Experience: a car crashed into me in the bath

Apr 2nd, 2017 by

I was in the bath when I heard a car outside. Its exhaust was screaming. I knew something was going to happen

It was June 2014, three months after my 17-year-old daughter Maisie and I moved into a small terrace house. I had split from my husband and was working as a painter and decorator. It had been chucking it down all day, and I felt a bit unwell, so after a takeaway with Maisie, I decided to have my first bath in our new home. Maisie perched in the (ground-floor) bathroom with me and we talked about anything and nothing for a while. Not 10 seconds after she’d left the room, I heard the loud noise of a car outside. Its exhaust was screaming, as if the pedal was flat to the floor. I knew something was going to happen, but not to me.

Then it hit. Suddenly I was lifted 4ft in the air, flung through the bathroom wall into the back yard and left lying, naked and soaking wet, on the concrete. There was a deathly silence. My mouth and nostrils were full of dust and rubble.

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