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How I got to know my mum in a Bangkok sex hotel | Rhik Samadder

Jan 2nd, 2015 by

Condoms on the pillows and a see-through toilet door might not sound promising. But that Christmas my mum and I finally learned how to communicate

Christmas morning, 2010. I’m in bed with my mother in a Thai sex hotel. It is my 30th birthday. How have things got so out of hand?

To wind back a little, I hadn’t been looking forward to a third decade. My father had died three years before, and I’d responded with great resourcefulness, by having a comprehensive breakdown, ending a nurturing relationship and moving back home. I couldn’t work, or go out, and didn’t want to be seen. A life shrunk to four small walls was all that seemed manageable. I was watching The Lion King a lot, and doing all the voices.

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