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How to run: everything you need to know

Feb 2nd, 2017 by

Whether you are new to running or want to improve your pace, here’s how to get going

Running is a fantastic way to get fit. You don’t need much kit, you can do it anywhere (within reason) and it’s available to you all the time – you don’t need to wait for the gym to be open or a class to start; just go. You might think of it as a leg exercise, but it actually works most of the body. Running fast is also one of the quickest ways to burn calories; it’s an activity with a high “met rate” (calorie burn per kg of weight, per hour). Rowing is another good one; cycling is slightly lower.

People worry about injury and bad knees and so on, but it’s a myth that running is bad for you. With good trainers, and good technique, you should be OK. That said, an unprepared body lacking mobility is more likely to get injured, so make sure you stretch and do supporting exercises. If you’re very overweight, start small, with fast walking. And if you have health issues, take advice from a doctor.

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