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How was your weekend running?

Dec 2nd, 2016 by

Planning an advent running streak? Come and share your arbitrary rules below the line, as well as your weekend adventures, as always

Anyone else planning on an advent running streak? Don’t worry, I won’t bring up the C-word, but there are only nine days left of November … I certainly will be, if only to help justify the odd extra mince pie. Or entire panettone. Ahem.

The ‘rules’ of a running streak can obviously be made up as you go along (as all good rules are) but if you want to follow some slightly more helpful ones, try Advent Runnings own – you simply run, or swim, or do yoga, or cycle – for 30 minutes a day from December 1 until Christmas. (Oops, sorry, there’s the C-word). Of course, some people keep it going for the whole of December, or months beyond that, or even years – in Ron Hill’s case in excess of half a century. Suddenly 25 days doesn’t sound so bad, no?

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