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How was your weekend running?

Jan 2nd, 2017 by

Share your own tales of weekend triumphs and woes – and plans for Christmas Day running – below the line as always

Now that it’s less than a week to the big day, let’s talk Christmas Day runs. What’s your tradition? The other day I was chatting with someone, explaining that myself and the other half usually go for a longish, rambly run together before picking up the breakfast croissants and pain au choc treats. “Blimey” she said, “Don’t you even take Christmas Day off?” I was a bit nonplussed, before I realised that she meant that for her, running was simply a chore – and if there’s one day you don’t do chores, it’s Christmas Day.

But if you love running, why wouldn’t you do it on the one day of the year where you are almost guaranteed no traffic, good company, smiley faces (yes, even in London!) and a vast amount of food later on? It’s pretty much my favourite run of the year. Though I admit that I may be alone when it comes to my other personal tradition of a truly evil track session on Christmas Eve morning …

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