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How was your weekend running?

Feb 2nd, 2017 by

It’s never quite the things you expect to derail a training schedule that do so anyway. Anyone else been poorly? As always, share your triumphant PBs and injury woes below the line

Of all the things I half expect to derail a marathon training schedule – niggles or injuries, work/life balances issues, stitches, head not in the right place, etc, coming down with a nasty bug never seems to occur to me. Unfortunately that’s what happened to me last week, so while my weekend running has been fine, I did absolutely none last week. I haven’t taken that many days ‘off’ – if you can call lying listlessly and feverishly in bed watching box sets on the laptop ‘off’ – in years.

A few days on, I’ve regained the ability to run, but totally lost my voice. Not a problem for marathon training, though somewhat limiting my ability to parent (try telling a stubborn five year old to do something she doesn’t want to, without being able to do the “I really mean it now” voice …). I missed two hard mid-week runs, had to limit the length of my long run yesterday to 14 (should have been 19) but all in all, it’s probably not that bad a thing. At least my legs had a rest.

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