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My workout: ‘Netball gives me a massive buzz’

Apr 2nd, 2017 by

Rachel Bestford, 43, on the fast-paced, high-impact sport

I played netball all through my school years and loved it. When I left school though, there were no clubs I could join. So I got on with adult life, got a job and soon lost my fitness. I never thought I’d play sport again. Then six months ago I came across the Back To Netball scheme, for women like me who haven’t played in a while, and gave it a shot. It wasn’t long before it all came flooding back.

Netball is a seven-a-side team sport; the aim is to pass the ball up the court and put it in the net. You can’t run with the ball – as soon as you’ve grabbed it you have to stop – and each player can only move within certain boundaries, depending on their position. But despite these rules, it’s not at all restrictive; the game has a lovely flow.

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