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My workout: Wings Chan, 24 – ‘For skateboarders, towns become massive playgrounds’

Mar 2nd, 2017 by

It can be dangerous – I’ve fractured an elbow, my ankle and both wrists (twice). I used to skate with my cast on

As a teenager I used to hang out at the skate park after school. It’s where most of my friends were. I’d just sit there while they all skated, chatting to them when they were resting. I thought it looked really cool. Back then it was rare to see girl skaters, so even though I gave it a go and my friends were supportive, I didn’t really get into it. That changed when I started uni and moved to Brighton. The majority of skaters were still guys, and when I’d go to a skate park people would stare; but I reached a point where I just stopped caring and got on with it.

As a skater, you see the world differently. During driving lessons I’ll be trying to concentrate on the road, but then I’ll see some stairs or a rail and get distracted, thinking how great it would be to skate there. Towns become massive playgrounds. I’ll skate around Brighton with my mates and we’ll have so much fun discovering new spots.

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