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Over the ice … how to run across a Siberian lake

Mar 2nd, 2017 by

Lake Baikal is 600km long and freezes solid in winter. So, what else would you choose to do but run its entire length?

Ray Zahab has run thousands of miles over deserts: the Gobi, Sahara, Atacama, Antarctica and plenty more. Alongside Kevin Vallely, he has also run across the biggest lake in the world, Lake Baikal in Siberia.
Now, I know you’re thinking: “Hold on, can he run on water? What’s going on there?” Well, in the winter months, Lake Baikal completely freezes, solid enough for people to ski, bike, drive and run across. So, in 2010, Zahab and Vallely decided to run the 600km (373 mile)-length of the lake; it took a little over 13 days.

Zahab is a lover of geography. When he discovered ultrarunning back in 2003, winning the Yukon Arctic Ultra in rather chilly conditions, he found a passion that was to shape his life. Now, one of his main aims is to share that passion with other people. He founded the charity Impossible2Possible (I2P), taking young people from a whole range of backgrounds on life-changing expeditions.

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