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Parcel Monkey delivers customs duty bill to Filipino children instead of gift

Dec 2nd, 2016 by

They are a poor family and couldn’t pay, so the package was sent back to me in the UK

A couple of years ago my husband and I were travelling in south-east Asia, and a Filipino family welcomed us into their humble home and we had an amazing time getting to know them.

Fast forward to last month and I’d sent the children a large parcel of books, toys, art supplies and clothes, worth around £100. I used Parcel Monkey – big mistake! The parcel arrived in the country, but the courier then sent an email to say there was a customs charge and the item would be returned to the UK in three days unless paid. It couldn’t tell me how much it was, so I asked them not to return it while I sorted out any payment due. I emailed the family who said the charge was around £20, which they couldn’t afford, so I immediately sent them the money via Western Union.

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