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Pregnancy and low self-esteem have put a stop to our sex life

Dec 2nd, 2016 by

It has been eight months since I gave birth, but I don’t miss sex

My partner and I had a fulfilling sex life for years, and then I fell pregnant. Our sex life began to dwindle due to morning sickness and me finding it hard to accept my body shape – I’ve always struggled with self-esteem. Our baby is now eight months old and we both thought I would have returned to “normal” by now, but I’m not convinced I miss sex all that much.

Your concern is very common and understandable; you want to take care of your baby and be as sexually invested as you were pre-pregnancy. At this point in your life as a mother, however, the two roles are mutually exclusive, so stop putting so much pressure on yourself. The reasons for your lack of libido are natural and normal, and it is important that both you and your partner understand that. Hormonal changes may still be playing a part, and the exhaustion you are experiencing as a new mother is bound to turn you off. These things are transient.

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