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Raise the bar: a beginner’s guide to lifting weights

Feb 2nd, 2017 by

Want to give yourself a boost, physically and mentally? Follow this full-body workout

If you want to get stronger in body and mind, this beginner’s full-body workout is a good place to start. Our bodies want to be fit and strong, fast and powerful. It is just that in our modern-day lives, in which we spend the vast majority of our time sitting down, we aren’t living up to our potential. The benefits of lifting weights are endless. It strengthens your muscles and your bones, too. It reduces your chances of developing osteoporosis, something of which postmenopausal women are particularly at risk. Lifting weights supports all other types of training – running, cycling or swimming – by developing muscular strength.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of resistance training, and the main reason I love it so much, is that lifting weights enables you to function better in everyday life. You can carry shopping, pick up your children, move furniture with ease. It helps make you healthier mentally, too: you become more confident and feel happier from the endorphins.

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