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The formula for marathon success?

Apr 2nd, 2017 by

Do online marathon prediction calculators offer too rosy a picture? Ian Williams takes a look at the formula, and offers a potentially more accurate one

In case you had not realised, it’s marathon season – and I’m not just talking about the one on the telly – there are at least 30 listed in the Fetch Everyone race finder this month. And, while many runners are happy just to complete this challenging distance, there are plenty who are cramming their heads with calculations, extrapolations and dreams of PB glory.

Unless you are the sort of person who turns up to a marathon in tennis shoes and cut-off jeans, you have probably got a good idea of the sort of pace you are able to maintain over longer distances. But, until you have gone the whole way, it’s hard to know how well you’ll finish. Long runs, fuelling strategies and careful preparation all help, but you’ll find out plenty about yourself in that final six miles.

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