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Tom Fletcher: ‘Dad wanted to be in a band. I’m living his dream’

Feb 2nd, 2017 by

The singer and children’s author on his many family creative influences, fatherhood and depression

I had a really happy childhood. My dad worked 12-hour shifts in the Kodak factory – I remember creeping about when he was on nights – but he was also lead singer in a band playing in British Legion and working men’s clubs. My earliest memories are of being sat at the back of a pub, falling asleep on the bench while my dad played. He used to get me up on stage to sing with him from when I was only three or four. I get my music from my dad.

I wanted to play the guitar like him. Now my son, Buzz, is doing the same with me. He is only two but he’s obsessed with guitars, especially mine. He sits there with it upside down and sings McFly songs. It’s really sweet and he’s got amazing rhythm. I did a McFly tour recently and he came to a sound check. We gave him a ukulele so he could join in and he didn’t want to leave the stage. I can see now how it naturally passes from father to son.

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