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Too many cyclists are injured and killed on UK’s roads | Letters

Apr 2nd, 2017 by

Your correspondent (Letters, 25 March) says 50 cyclists are killed or seriously injured every year in the UK when the actual figure is over 3,300. Having diminished the tragedy faced by thousands of people, he uses the opportunity to condemn cyclists’ behaviour, judge people’s choice of cycle model and accuse them of feeling “entitled to the road”. We all have a duty of care on the roads, and a right to use them, but the Department for Transport’s statistics on cyclist, and indeed pedestrian, casualties show that the prime source of danger lies with heavier vehicles. Peter Walker’s case (Heading for a fall, G2, 22 March) for reducing that danger, and improving the nation’s health, is commendable.
Tom Bogdanowicz
Senior policy and development officer, London Cycling Campaign

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