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Why embrace hygge when you can lozzerk? | Brief letters

Jan 2nd, 2017 by

Fun in your fifties | Another word for hygge | Rugged physiognomy | The Kremlin and Strictly Come Dancing

I’m 55 and, like the people in your article (‘I have more fun now than I did when I was 20’, 17 December), I too have a positive outlook on life. I work full-time and every week I swim, go to the gym, do pilates, cycle, go for long walks, do voluntary work and have my granddaughter to stay over for a night. I’m also studying for two qualifications. Unfortunately, my self-employed husband and I will never be able to afford to retire, so I can’t agree with Ashley Naylor’s suggestion (Letters, 17 December) of scrapping the lottery; it’s the only, albeit faint, hope we have of not working until we drop.
Carole Ludlow Mooney

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